Purchase a Geyser/Water Heater in Pakistan

If you are planning to purchase a new geyser in Pakistan, you should consider various factors and options that are particularly relevant in the context of Pakistan. Geysers are offered in different sizes. Their sizes correspond to the capacity of holding water in Gallon. Typical sizes include 15, 20, 30, and 50 gallons, and based on your family’s requirements, you can select the relevant size. You will also need to see the area available for geyser fitting at your home. If you are replacing the old geyser, it is better to purchase a new geyser of the same size so that it fits with the existing pipes nicely.

Geysers are now available as Gas Only geysers as well as Gas and Electric Geysers. Many areas of Pakistan also face gas load-shedding during the winter season that makes the Gas geyser useless. However, Gas and Electric geyser can still be used in those circumstances using electricity. For using an electric geyser, you may have to add an Electric Thermostat.

Another area of consideration is whether the parts of the geyser are local or imported. You will most likely purchase a geyser from a local brand. However, local brands also offer geysers with local parts and imported parts. So, you should see, for example as to whether galvanized sheet, thermostat, glass wool, and G.I pipes are imported or not. New geysers are also shipped with a temperature gauge that shows the water temperature inside the geyser. It is a good facility for the efficient utilization of geyser and preventing over-heating. So, you should also consider this aspect.

Besides the geyser’s capacity, the second critical factor is the gauge. You should prefer a geyser with a higher gauge such as a 12-15 gauge. You should also check the warranty available for the geyser tank, and ideally, the warranty should be for five years.

You can also opt for instant geysers that are available as both gas geysers and electric geysers. These geysers give hot water instantly, but their storage capacity is less than the standard/regular geysers.

Below, I have mentioned links to some of the best brands of gas-only and gas/electric geysers in Pakistan:

Super Asia – 35-Gallon Capacity GEH-735 Auto Ignition


Super Asia – 30-Gallon Capacity – Dual



Singer – 30-Gallon


Singer – 35-Gallon


RB Geyser


Fischer Gas + Electric Geyser


Canon – Storage Type Geyser


Canon – Instant Geyser


Canon – Instant Electric Geyser


How to Install Electric Water Heater / Gyser



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