How to Create Income Tax Payment Challan in Fbr Online

When you e-file your tax return in Iris (a system developed by fbr), sometimes your taxes are already deducted at source, and you just need to mention about tax deduction. However, in other cases, you may have to create Income Tax Payment Challan and submit the tax to the National Bank of Pakistan or through ADC (Alternate Delivery Channels) such as JazzCash. Below, I have explained the procedure of creating the challan and paying the tax.

  • Visit the following link:
  • Login to your account by entering Username and Password
  • Select e-Payments -> Create Payment -> Income Tax
  • You will get the Income Tax e-Payments page.
  • Select the relevant Tax Year such as 2021.
  • In Tax Payment Nature, select Admitted Income Tax
  • When you select Admitted Income Tax, the value in the Tax Year field may change, so double-check that it is set to 2021. If it is not, then set it again to 2021.
  • In Tax Payment Section, select 9203 – 137 – Admitted Income Tax
  • In Amount in Figures, enter the tax amount.
  • Under Particulars of Payment, select Payment Mode. The options available are ADC (e-payment), Credit Card, Direct Debit, Pay Order, Cheque, and Cash.
  • In Amount, enter tax amount.
  • Now, click Create button.
  • A message will be displayed, ‘Please review your e-Payment details carefully and click CONFIRM button for confirmation, or click the BACK button to make changes.
  • Click Confirm button
  • PSID will be displayed on the next page with the following message: ‘Your e-payment Slip has been created successfully. Click on the Print button to download PSID on your computer.
  • Select your City from the dropdown list. NBP/SBP branches in that city will be shown.
  • Now click the Print button at the bottom of the page, and save the pdf file on your computer. When you open the pdf file, it will mention ‘Income Tax Payment Challan’ as the heading and also indicate the PSID Number.
  • Now you can use this Payment Challan and PSID Number to make your tax payment. If you selected Cash in tax payment mode, then you can deposit the cash in any branch of the national bank along with the printout of Payment Challan. If you select other Payment Mode such as ADC, you can use the PSID to make payments such as through JazzCash.

Payment through JazzCash

Below, I have mentioned how to pay the income tax through JazzCash. The procedure below assumes that you selected ADC (e-payment) under Payment Mode while preparing Income Tax Payment Challan.

  • Login to JazzCash by entering your Mobile Number and MPIN
  • Select View All
  • Under the Government Payments section, select Tax Payment
  • Select FBR among the list of companies
  • Enter PSID Number and tap the Right Arrow
  • The next screen will show Bill Amount, Fee, Bill Company, PSID Number, Billing Month, Due Date, Bill Amount Before Due Date, and Bill Amount After Due Date
  • Enter MPIN in the text box and tap the yellow-double-tick circle
  • A Tax Payment receipt will be shown on the next screen. You can save this receipt on your mobile’s Gallery.
  • You will soon receive an email from fbr with the subject line ‘e-Payment Confirmation by FBR

Claim the Paid Tax

  • Now Login to your Iris account with your Registration Number and Password
  • Select 114(1) (Return of Income filed voluntarily for complete year) from the Draft and click Edit
  • Select the Payment tab
  • Click the Plus sign next to Tax Year
  • CPR Number and Amount will be shown for the tax payment
  • Select this entry and close the dialog box.
  • Now click the Save button, Close, and re-open the draft.
  • Select Computations under Tax Chargeable / Payments
  • Click Calculate
  • You will see that the Admitted Income Tax shown under Amount Subject to Normal Tax column will become zero. You have successfully cleared you tax liability!!

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