How to Use new Generate Bill option in Iris Fbr

When you file Salary Return or Normal Return for complete year in Iris system of fbr Pakistan, you will see a new button called Generate Bill. You can use this button to create Income Tax Payment Challan and PSID # for Admitted Income Tax. Earlier, the user has to use another weblink to generate the Challan and PSID#.

In order to use Generate Bill option, proceed as follows:

  • In the Data tab, select Tax Chargeable / Payments -> Computations
  • The unpaid tax amount will be shown in Admitted Income Tax row whose code is 9203. The outstanding amount will be displayed in the column ‘Amount Subject to Normal Tax
  • Now click Generate Bill button
  • Generate Bill dialog box will show the following details:
    • Registration No
    • Name
    • Cell No
    • Email
    • Admitted Income Tax Amount
  • Click the button Generate Bill
  • A message will display ‘Bill has been generated successfully
  • Generate Bill dialog box will now show ‘Your PSID is xxxxx
  • Click Print to print the Income Tax Payment Challan
  • The challan will show payment type as ADC (e-payment)
  • Prepared by section at the bottom of the payment challan will show ‘Prepared By : guest_user’
  • You can now make payment against this PSID in any commercial bank in which you have the bank account or you can also pay through Jazz Cash.

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