List of Candidates Contesting from PS-106

The general elections of Pakistan will be held on July 25, 2018. Below is the list of candidates contesting the general election from the Provincial Assembly of the Sindh constituency 106 Karachi East:

01. Jamal Uddin Siddiqui
Election Symbol: Bat
Party Affiliation: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

02. Shehzad Natha
Election Symbol: Arrow
Party Affiliation: Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians

03. Salim Sachwani
Election Symbol: Fan
Party Affiliation: Independent

04. Muhammad Zahid
Election Symbol: Kite
Party Affiliation: Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan

05. Jamshed Ali
Election Symbol: Jeep
Party Affiliation: Independent

06. Syed Qamar Akhtar Naqvi
Election Symbol: Dolphin
Party Affiliation: Pak Sarzameen Party

07. Muhammad Tahir Shehzada
Election Symbol: Tiger
Party Affiliation: Pakistan Muslim League (N)

08. Ghulam Hashim
Election Symbol: Crane
Party Affiliation: Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan

09. Sami Ullah
Election Symbol: Lantern
Party Affiliation: Awami National Party

10. Laiq Ahmed
Election Symbol: Candle
Party Affiliation: Mohajir Qaumi Movement Pakistan

11. Muhammad Aslam Ghori
Election Symbol: Book
Party Affiliation: Mutthida Majlis-e-Amal Pakistan

12. Jamal Uddin Saeed
Election Symbol: Alphabet A
Party Affiliation: Independent

13. Hafiz Muhammad Sheharyar Khan
Election Symbol: Ghulail
Party Affiliation: Independent

14. Dilawar Jackson
Election Symbol: King
Party Affiliation: Independent

15. Adil Niaz Khan
Election Symbol: Tap
Party Affiliation: Independent

16. Uzma Saeed
Election Symbol: School Bag
Party Affiliation: Independent

17. Liaquat Munawar
Election Symbol: Railway Engine
Party Affiliation: Independent

18. Muhammad Hussain
Election Symbol: Cake
Party Affiliation: Independent

19. Muhammad Nasir Akbani
Election Symbol: Hanger
Party Affiliation: Independent


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