Useful Learning Resources for The Board of Secondary Education, Karachi (BSEK) Examination

The Board of Secondary Education, Karachi (BSEK), is a government board in Karachi responsible for secondary education examinations. The board conducts exams annually during April or May of each year. It is crucial for students to be prepared for these exams because their entry to a good college will depend on their academic scores in the matriculation exams. Moreover, good grades make students eligible for various scholarships and financial assistance.

I have devoted this blog post to informing students about various learning resources available on the web that will assist them in preparing well for their examination. I will keep adding resources as and when they come to my knowledge.

General Group, 9th Class, General Mathematics

Exercises of all 6 chapters are solved here:

Easy to mathematics with miss fouzia

Exercise 1.1 (Q1 to Q5)

Exercise 1.1 (Q6 to Q10)

Exercise 1.2 (Q1 to Q10)

Exercise 1.4

Exercise 1.5 (Q1 to Q12)

Exercise 2.1 (Q1 and Q2)

Exercise 2.2 (Q1 to Q3)

Exercise 3.1 (Q1 to Q14)

Exercise 3.2 (Q1 to Q10)

Exercise 4.1 (Q1 and Q2)

Exercise 5.1 (Q1 to Q6)

Exercise 5.1 (Q7 to Q10)

Exercise 5.2 (Q1 to Q5)

Exercise 5.2 (Q6 to Q10)

Exercise 5.3 (Q1 to Q4)

Exercise 5.7 (Q1)

Exercise 6.1 (Q1 to Q10)

Science Group, 9th Class, Mathematics

General Math for Class 9

Karachi Board 9th Class General Math Past Papers

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