Benefits of using Google Bard

Google Bard is a conversational generative AI chatbot developed by Google. It was available to selected locations in March 2023, but now it is accessible in almost all locations. This chatbot is the main competitor of ChatGPT developed by Open AI.

You can access Google Bard at the following url:

To start using the chatbot, click Try Bard

Next, you will be shown Terms & Privacy. In these terms, there is a section Things to know that reads as follows:

  • Bard uses your location and your past conversations to provide you with its best answer.
  • Bard is an experimental technology and may sometimes give inaccurate or inappropriate information that doesn’t represent Google’s views.
  • Don’t rely on Bard’s responses as medical, legal, financial, or other professional advice.
  • Don’t include confidential or sensitive information in your Bard conversations.
  • Your feedback will help make Bard better.

Click I Agree and then click Continue

You will then get a chat box in which you can enter a prompt and receive a reply.

Benefits compared to ChatGPT

There are notable differences between ChatGPT and Bard despite the fact that both are chatbots. Google Bard is completely free whereas ChatGPT charges for using its higher, feature-rich version GPT-4.

ChatGPT only has access to publicly available data whereas Bard can also use licensed data.

One of the biggest limitations of ChatGPT is that it answers questions from data from 2021 and before whereas Bard gives you real-time information from Google Searches.

With Bard, you can view multiple responses for your answers. The answers mostly show the relevant links as well that you can instantly click to get more information.

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