Google AdSense – How to add a payment method

In your Google AdSense account, the initial steps for receiving payments are Identity Verification and Address Verification. When you are done with these two steps and Completed is shown against Identity Verification and Address Verification, you can add a payment method for your Google Adsense Account. Proceed as follows for adding a payment method:

  • Click Payments -> Payments info
  • Under the section How you get paid, click Add payment method
  • Select Add new wire transfer details
  • An information message will appear as follows (in the case of Pakistan): “To receive payouts by wire transfer, contact your bank for exchange rates and fees. Bank account must be located in Pakistan and in US Dollar currency.”
  • Enter Beneficiary Id such as MyPayment1
  • Enter Name on bank account
  • Enter Bank name such as Meezan Bank
  • Enter SWIFT BIC (8 characters) such as MEZNPKKA for Meezan Bank
  • Enter IBAN of your bank account
  • In the next text box, re-type IBAN
  • Select Set as primary payment method to receive payments in this account. A message will also be shown: “This payment method may need to be verified. If you make this your primary payment method, payments may be delayed.”
  • Click Save
  • Now click Manage payment methods under How you get paid.
  • You will see your payment method listed as the primary payment method.
  • You can Edit or Remove this payment method at any time.

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