Online Portal for viewing information of Private Schools of Sindh Province

The Government of Sindh, Pakistan, is usually considered to be lagging behind other provinces in the education sector. However, recently, a landmark development is made by the Directorate of Inspection & Registration of Private Institutions, Government of Sindh. The Directorate has launched a website and an online portal that provides information regarding the status of private schools in Sindh. The site can be accessed at the following link:

The options available on the home page are About Us, Downloads, Gallery, Contact Us, and Help. A help file in the pdf format can be downloaded from the following link:

The help file mentions the process of online registration and renewal of registration of privately managed schools of Sindh. When a school enters all the information, it becomes available in the online portal for public viewing. A dashboard is also accessible to the registered institutions. The three main modules available online are New Registration, School Profiling, and Renewal of Registration.

From the parents’ and students’ perspective, the most exciting thing is that they can check the status of any private school in Sindh online. However, as of now, only a few schools have entered their profiles online. According to the profiling progress displayed on the main page, 23 school profiles are entered as of today (July 17, 2019) for Karachi schools. As an example, view the profile of Asandas Memorial Public High School Diplo, Tharparkar, Sindh at the following link:

You will see the following details regarding this school:

  1. School ID, School Name, Type, Address, Phone #, and Exam System
  2. About Section
  3. Class & Gender-wise Enrollment and Class-wise Fee Structure
  4. Teaching Faculty with Designation, Qualification, and Teaching Subjects
  5. Other Staff
  6. School Management Committee Members
  7. Infrastructure
  8. Furniture & Equipment
  9. Administrative Procedures
  10. Academic Procedures
  11. Photo Album

Once sufficient data is updated and populated on the website, it will become a highly useful resource for parents, students, teachers, academic administrators, and the public.

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