Revised Profit Rates of National Savings Schemes

The Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS), Government of Pakistan increased the profit rates of National Savings Schemes (NSS). The new rates are effective from July 01, 2019. State Bank of Pakistan had announced its monetary policy on May 20, 2019, increasing its benchmark interest rate by 150 basis points (bps) to 12.25 percent, effective from May 21. The increase in profit rates is in line with the increased benchmark interest rate. According to a senior official of CDNS, the revision was made in the backdrop of the current market scenario and in accordance with the government’s policy to provide a market-based competitive rate of return to the investors of national savings. The new profit rates for different schemes are posted on the website of National Savings at the following link:

The rates are also presented in the table below:

Profit Rates of National Savings Schemes

S. No. Name of Scheme Rate of Profit
1. Behbood Savings Certificates 14.76%
2. Defence Savings Certificates 13.01%
3. Regular Income Certificates 12.96%
4. Special Savings Certificates 12.90% (Average)

With the implementation of new rates, a person will get a profit of Rs. 1,230/month on purchase of Rs. 100,000 Behbood Savings Certificates. There will be a payable profit of Rs. 1,080/month on Rs. 100,000 denomination Regular Income Certificates. Six months’ profit on Special Savings Certificates of Rs. 100,000 denomination will be Rs. 6,350.

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