Useful Resources from Pakistani Newspapers

Newspapers are valuable resources for current and up-to-date information. Despite the growth of electronic and social media, newspapers are still considered credible and useful information sets. You can read news and opinions not only on politics but also on sports, business, entertainment, international affairs, and environmental issues. I have dedicated this blog post to indicate to you useful resources from Pakistani and International newspapers. Most of the sources will be from Pakistani newspapers, but if there is some original source, I will also mention the international newspaper link.

Insights into Pakistani Politics

Poverty in India

Dynamics of Karachi Local Government

Global Risks Report 2023 by World Economic Forum

Process of Property Transfer

Biometric Verification of Vehicle Owners

Driving Licenses Issued in 2022

Javed Chaudhry Column – 27-Dec-2022

Year 2022 – Review Reports of Pakistan








Wealthy Individuals

Predictions for 2023

Year 2022 for Pakistan Cricket

Pakistani Films to be Released in 2023

Year 2022 for Pakistani Films

Year 2022 for Pakistani Television

Year 2022 for Pakistani Media

Important International Events in 2022

Important Domestic Events in 2022

Reemergence of TTP

Year 2022 in Review: Education in Pakistan

Afghanistan: Taliban ban women from universities amid condemnation

Rent Laws

Pakistani Films Released in 2022

Healthy Diet

Causes of East Pakistan becoming Bangladesh

Default Risk of Pakistan

New Schedule of Gas Loadshedding

Dates Announced for Matric and Inter Papers

The Secret of Success of Qatar

Environmental issues

How can boys choose a right partner?

How can girls choose a right partner?

World Population now 8 Billion

World population to reach 8 billion on 15 November 2022

UK removes Pakistan from ‘High Risk Third Countries’ list

Imran Khan signals desire to build bridges with Washington

State Bank’s New Policy for Foreign Currency

Canada – New immigration policy

Fbr to introduce tax returns in Urdu

New members of ideology council appointed

Cambridge allowed to Conduct Exams directly in Pakistan

Cambridge to discontinue Collaboration with British Council

Urban Property Tax Recovery

Sinus Infection

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan

How to Earn from ESports

The Legend of Maula Jatt – New Pakistani Film

Doctor pinpoints the tell-tale sign at the Queen’s final royal appointment

China – Taiwan Issue

Sexual Orientation

Books on E-Commerce

Banks to issue PRC for every transaction

Learning resources for SSC and HSSC

Web 3.0, based on Blockchain

Efficacy of Viagra

National Assembly Seats

Gun Control in Canada

Rescue 1122 Service in Sindh

Films on the Novels of Manto

Water Crisis in Pakistan

B2B Branding

How to Create Business Plan

New Pakistani Films releasing in June

New Monetary Policy

Biden vows to defend Taiwan in apparent US policy shift

Why Sri Lank Defaulted

Sri Lanka: Why is the country in an economic crisis?

Innovation in the Manufacturing Sector

Economic Crisis and Pakistan Economy

YouTube Earnings

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