Year 2018: What happened and what’s next

This blog post collects and summarizes the significant happenings of 2018. It also highlights the future direction based on facts and figures. I have collected some useful links and will update the site to add further content:

Famous people who got married in 2018

2018میں شادی کے بندھن میں بندھنے والی مشہور شخصیات

Celebrities and politicians that passed away in 2018

2018 میں دنیا سے رخصت ہونے والی بین الااقوامی شخصیات

2018 میں جو ہم سے بچھڑ گئے

Economic outlook 2018

Plastic waste fact: 2018 statistic of the year

Issues faced by journalists in 2018

Word of the year 2018


Most viewed Bollywood songs in 2018 on YouTube

The best of Bollywood in 2018

Theater and music in Pakistan

Pakistani films in 2018

Pakistani drama in 2018

Urdu poetry in 2018

Pakistan politics 2018

Powerful passports of the world – Global ranking 2018

Corruption perceptions index

Prosperity index 2018

Democracy index 2018

Overall best countries ranking

Quality of life ranking

World population 2018

Technology and innovation in 2018

سال 2018 : نت نئی ایجادات کا سال

Countries having the best and the worst cybersecurity

The world’s richest people lost $511 billion in 2018

A year of scandals for Facebook

Year in Review by Financial Times

Global production of scientific papers

Stock markets 2018

Sports Pakistan 2018

Global outlook 2018

Environment and climate change

Most Googled people in Pakistan

Timeline of Pakistani and International Events – 2018

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