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The production of 7th Sky Entertainment, the drama serial Meher Posh is all set to begin on Friday, April 03, 2020 at 8:00 pm PST on Geo TV. Written by Misbah Nosheen and Directed by Mazhar Moin, the serial has a promising outlook and is expected to capture the attention of Pakistani Drama Lovers.

The leading cast include Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan who are also husband wife in real life.

The following is a synopsis of the drama posted on Geo TV website:

Hailing from a middle class family, Mehru is a simple and kind-hearted girl while Shahjahan is Mehru’s next door neighbor who has always been respectful of Mehru and her family. In an unfortunate turn of events Mehru’s life is turned upside down when Shahjahan along with his friends casually passes flirtatious remarks for Mehru on her wedding day. Guided by malicious motives of her in-laws, Mehru’s husband Noman threatens to divorce her.

Guilt-ridden and furious, Shahjahan blames himself for Mehru’s condition. As Shahjahan begins to develop feelings for Mehru, will Shahjahan gather the courage to accept his mistakes and will Mehru forgive him? Will the interplay between love and trust bring Shahjahan and Mehru together?

Ayeza Khan’s recent drama serial Meray Pass Tum Ho proved to be a mega hit and broke all records of viewership. Danish Taimoor’s drama Mera Rab Waris was also a big success on Geo TV. Hence, we all are finger-crossed to view the first episode on April 03.

With a recent situation due to Corona Virus Pandemic, people are spending a significant portion of their time at home. If there is a good plot and catchy script of this drama serial, it will surely find a huge audience and viewers.

This page is devoted to episode-by-episode analysis of this drama serial.

Episode 1: April 03, 2020

The first episode revolved around the wedding preparations of Mehru. The mother Nusrat is very detail-oriented and finalizes all aspects of the wedding. There is also another proposal for Mehru from the same family, and that family is not happy hearing that Mehru is already finalized to wed within the relatives. Shahjahan is seen as a highly supportive member within Mehru’s family. However, the mother of Shahjahan is not happy with his too much involvement in others’ affairs. Shahjahan has a soft corner for Mehru, but he promises his mother to cut off the ties with this family after the wedding celebrations. The episode ends when the to-be-bridegroom Naeem sees Mehru with Shahjahan in a shopping mall. He is not best pleased with this situation.

Episode 2: April 10, 2020

The second episode showed the wedding celebrations including Mayu and main wedding ceremony. Naeem was always concerned about the suspicious character of Shahjahan in the shopping mall and elsewhere. His unty, Shakeela, who is angry that Mehru did not marry her son Waqas, finds an opportunity of turning the tables when he overhears the ‘loose talk’ of Shahjahan with his friends. She tells about it to Naeem who is then so angry that he no longer wants to marry with Mehru. However, upon the request of his mother Sakeena, Ruskhsati takes place and Mehru enters the house of Naeem. In the initial moments, Naeem is still not comfortable and in a state of shock as to what happened to him suddenly.

Episode 3: April 17, 2020

Mehru is pleased and involved in the wedding ceremonies. She has no clue what’s going on around her. Naeem is highly angry on the alleged relations of Mehru with Shahjahan. He meets with his aunty Shakeela who further provokes him regarding Mehru. The aunty is satisfied that she took the revenge for the mistreatment suffered in her marriage life. Full of anger, the bridegroom enters the wedding room, while Mehru was talking to Shahjahan about her father’s illness. There is a very harsh exchange of words between the bride and the bridegroom, and at the end, Naeem announces divorce with Mehru. Mehru is still in Naeem’s room thinking how she will communicate this incident to her parents.

Episode 4: April 24, 2020

Mehru is still shocked and in a state of denial as to what happened to her. Naeem asks his mother to go along with Mehru so that she could go home. Mother is angry at the decision of Naeem. Unty Shakeela enters the scene and is highly pleased on the success of her plan. Mehru’s sister Ayaat likes Shahjahan and thinks that he is interested as well. Mehru goes home while her mother Nusrat goes to Naeem’s home for giving breakfast. She is astonished on the behavior of Naeem. When Nusrat comes back, Mehru is sitting with a worried face at home. Finally, Mehru reveals about the divorce and both mother and father are deeply grieved hearing this news.

Episode 5: May 01, 2020

The whole family of Mehru is shocked hearing about her divorce. Shahjahan enters her home and comes to know that he and his friends are the cause of this divorce. He is shocked to know this but does not tell Mehru’s family about it. He accompanies Mehru’s father and goes to Naeem’s home. Naeem shows his anger and humiliates Mehru’s father and asks him to leave the house. Mehru’s father gets a little hint that Shahjahan may also be involved in this whole case. Naeem’s mother leaves him and Shahjahan keeps on hiding his role in the whole case. The mother is now clear that the whole scheme and plot is made by aunty Shakeela. Mehru is angry on the ‘gang of friends’ that provoked Naeem. She says that whenever she knows about that group, she will deal strictly with them. It aggravates the guilt feelings of Shahjahan.

Episode 6: May 08, 2020

Shahjahan continues to regret himself and feels guilty how his casual talk became a nightmare for Mehru. He tells about this to his friends and shows his anger that due to their loose talk, it all happened. Friends are astonished and surprised that their foolish jokes were taken so seriously. Mehru is deeply grieved and tries to commit suicide. Her sister comes to the rescue and the mother is highly upset with this act. The news also spreads to neighbors and they visit Mehru’s home. There is a harsh exchange of words between them and Mehru’s sister Ayaat. Shahjahan thinks that it all happened because of him and now he should seek another partner for Mehru. The friends tell him why he does not consider himself for the marriage? Shahjahan does not seem to agree with this suggestion.

Episode 7: May 15, 2020

Naeem is confident that whatever he did was absolutely right. Shahjahan still regrets himself. His mother tells him that there is still a possibility if Naeem gave only one Talaaq (Divorce). Aunty Shakeela plays a double game, and tells Mehru’s parents that Naeem was already under treatment and it’s good that they got rid of him. In the next sentence, she presents the proposal for her son. Shahjahan goes to Naeem’s house telling him that there is still some room to come back. Naeem becomes angry, and with this angry mind, Naeem reaches Mehru’s house with many people from the surroundings and openly calls Talaaq (Divorce) three times. Mehru’s father couldn’t pocket this insult and fell on the floor.

Episode 8: May 22, 2020

The father is taken to the hospital. His condition is serious. Mehru curses herself that it all happened because of her. Shahjahan is upset that all his efforts prove counterproductive. The father calls Shahjahan and gets his assurance that Shahjahan will never leave his family alone. Then the wife Nusrat sees him and the communication is highly emotional. There is a sad news of the demise of the father. Aunty Shakeela reaches the funeral and pretends to be saddened by this tragic incident. Shahjahan’s mother Kaneez is not connected with the bigger picture and thinks that Mehru is at fault. While offering meals to Mehru, she doesn’t like her attitude.

Episode 9: May 29, 2020

Naeem visits Aunty Shakeela’s home and she convinces him to support her son Waqas in a new business. Shahjahan is angry that the rude behavior of Naeem caused death of Mehru’s father. He lodges an FIR against Naeem and Naeem is arrested. After a day, Naeem is released through the support of his lawyer. Naeem angrily says that he will take revenge of this act. Shahjahan’s mother Kaneez goes to Mehru’s house and asks her to stay away from Shahjahan. The mother blames Mehru for her divorce and uses false language. Mehru is upset with this, goes to Shahjahan, and slaps him. Shahjahan does not react to it and realizes that someone has provoked her. When Shahjahan’s mother knows about it, she wants to go to Mehru’s house but Shahjahan forbids her.

Episode 10: June 05, 2020

Aunty Shakeela begins searching the second wife for Naeem. Mother Nusrat and Sister Ayaat come to know that Mehru slapped Shahjahan. They are astonished and surprised by this act. However, Mehru does not change her stance and feels that whatever she did was in reaction to the derogatory remarks from Shahjahan’s mother. Mehru now doesn’t call Shahjahan for any assistance and even for a billing adjustment problem, she prefers going herself to the billing department. Mehru’s mother suggests her to rebuild her life and not be worried about the domestic responsibilities. Nursat also tells Shahjahan’s mother that although Mehru’s act is not defendable but the language used by her was also inappropriate. Ayaaat calls Shahjahan who still favors Mehru. Aunty Shakeela finalizes a girl for Naeem and also asks a heavy amount for jewelry and other arrangements. Mehru decides to resume her job, and mother Nusrat plans to get into catering business. Mehru asks her mother to think about Ayaat’s marriage because she no more intends to enter into a marriage.

Episode 11: June 12, 2020

Waqas is angry with his mother Aunty Shakeela because she assisted Naeem in marrying a girl whom Waqas loved. Shahjahan’s mother is not happy with his concerning and considerate attitude towards Mehru. There is a task of filling gas in cylinder, and Mehru decides to go herself to the shop. Shahjahan sees her in the shop and arranges a Rickshaw for her return. Mehru goes to office and tells her close friend what happened to her during the absence from the office. Shahjahan gets a job at his desired firm. Mother Nusrat and Sister Ayaat are highly pleased that Shahjahan got a good job offer. However, Mehru shows indifference to this news. Aunty Shakeela tells Shahjahan’s mother that he is entering into a second marriage. The mother is surprised on this news.

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