Features that You may not Find in New Facebook Interface

Facebook has upgraded its user interface, and currently it is available to selected users who are being given option to switch to new interface. These users can switch back and forth to Classic and New interface.

While there are several appealing and promising aspects of New Facebook, some of the features available currently are not available in the new interface. While clicking some options, a message is displayed from Facebook, ‘This page hasn’t been designed for the new Facebook.com yet.’ Currently, you can still use those features by reverting to Classic Facebook and switching to New Facebook again. However, this facility may disappear when the new feature is available to all users. Listed below are some of the features that I observed are not available in the new Facebook interface.

Friend Lists

Friend Lists is a great feature of Facebook that allows following the updates of a selected group of friends or pages. In the Facebook mobile app, the option is already disabled. However, it was so far available in the desktop version. With the new interface, the option is no longer available. The direct link to access this option is:

When you access any particular list using:
the list opens up in old interface.

Friends’ link is also changed from https://www.facebook.com/?sk=ff to https://www.facebook.com/friends

Include Original Post

In the previous Facebook interface, when a link is shared by a page, and you also want to share that link, you had the option to Include Original Post. If you don’t check this option, only a link is shared, and the source page and anything the page wrote for that post is not shared. It was a useful feature but in the New interface, this checkbox is no more available.

This is the new interface:

This is how it looks in old interface:

View Sent Requests

In the previous interface of Facebook, you could not only see the Received Friend Requests but also the Sent Friend Requests. In the new interface, there is no option to View Sent Friend Requests. This is the direct link to View Sent Requests:

View Page Likes

In the previous interface, you could see Page Likes under Settings, People and Other Pages. This option is not available in the New Interface. Infact, the whole Page Settings has not been designed for the new Facebook as yet:

You are also unable to see number of likes made by your profile. See this link in old and new interface:
In old interface, you will see total number of likes in the column All LIkes. This count is not found in the new interface.

Apparently, there is no option to see all notifications as well in the new interface:

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