Gmail – Download Disabled Attachments

Sometimes, it may happen that you have a safe email message with attachments; however, the Gmail identifies it as phishing. You will see a message something like this in the message:

Downloading these attachments is disabled. The email has been identified as phishing. If you want to download these and you trust this message, click “Looks safe” in the banner above.

If there is no such banner available, then you will need to use some alternative ways to download those files. Below, I have suggested the steps that will resolve this issue:

  • Open the message
  • Click three dots right to the date and time stamp
  • Select Show original
  • The original message will be displayed in a new tab
  • Right-click Download Original link and click Save link as
  • Save it with .eml extension
  • Right-click .eml file and open with Microsoft Outlook
  • Now you can download all attachments from the Message window of Microsoft Outlook

If you want to see the visual representations of this method, you can view the following link:

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