Gmail – How to mark a message as read using a keyboard

Sometimes, you spend significant time without reading your emails in your Gmail inbox. You want to quickly go through them and mark them as read. Keyboard shortcuts come in handy in those cases, so that you could adopt the approach of skim reading.

Follow the steps below to mark the message as read by using a keyboard on a Windows computer:

  • Some keyboard shortcuts only work if you’ve turned them on. Therefore, go to Gmail
  • Click Settings -> See all settings
  • Search for the entry Keyboard shortcuts in the General tab
  • Select Keyboard shortcuts on
  • Click Save Changes
  • Now select a message you want to Mark as read
  • Press Shift + i to mark the selected message as read

You can do this for multiple messages as well. If you have selected multiple messages, select the top check box to deselect all messages. You can read more discussion on Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail at the following web link:

To view all unread messages, enter the following in the Search box and press Enter:


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