Parde Mein Rehne Do – Pakistani Film Review

Parde Mein Rehne Do is an Urdu Pakistani social romantic comedy film. The film was released on Eid ul Fitr in Pakistani Cinemas in May 2022. The film is written by Mohsin Ali, directed by Wajahat Rauf, and presented by Showcase Films. The lead cast of the film includes the famous actor Ali Rehman Khan and the famous actress Hania Aamir. A total of 5 films were released in Pakistani cinema this Eid and this film led due to its unique, new, and innovative idea.

Hania Aamir plays Nazo in the film and Ali Rehman Khan plays the role of Shani. Shani has male infertility issues and he marries Nazo without knowing about the issue. The couple cannot give birth to a child for years. It was a great experience to know how the story unfolds. Whether the couple still manages to live a happy married life or it ends up in a breakup was something interesting to watch. The viewers are super-excited to see how Nazo will respond when she knows about infertility and how Shani will cope with the stressful situation. The whole team of the film deserves a huge appreciation for covering such a sensitive topic in a film released during the Eid holidays.

Wajahat Rauf made an interesting point while talking on the Something Haute YouTube channel. He said that it is not a story of erectile dysfunction. Shani looks a sexually-fit guy, but he is experiencing a specific condition, and the writer wants to highlight this specific condition and how a male can cope with it.

I have now watched this film, and this specific condition has been named in the film as Oligospermia, a male fertility issue characterized by a low sperm count.

According to a Dawn report, “the film appears to tackle the issue of impotence and how a Pakistani couple deals with it. From family pressure to desi nuskhay [desi solutions] to the stress levels between the couple on the rise, the movie covers it all with a comedic element even in the more serious scenes.”

The report further explains, “What’s more is that both sides of the situation seem to be showcased – the desire to go seeking the advice of pir babas for help and the flip side where the couple decides to get tested to understand where the problem lies. And then there is the aftermath where Aamir [Nazo]’s character decides to leave her husband because of this turn of events.”

According to Something Haute’s review, “Despite his wife being supportive, our hero – Shani – is weighed down by external factors or pressures. He is discouraged from admitting to a weak side, from getting tested for impotency and ultimately, for taking the punch for a problem that mostly women are held responsible for. The pressures are all genuine and relatable for people who might have faced a similar problem. This includes expectations of parents to become grandparents, pressure of being an only child and not able to carry the family bloodline forward, the perpetual expectation of a khushkhabri [good news], threat of a second marriage, random prejudices that will challenge your manhood, constant comparisons with other married couples who have children and the list goes on.”


  • Hania Aamir as Nazish or Nazo
  • Ali Rehman Khan as Shani, Nazo’s Husband
  • Jawed Sheikh as Shani’s Father (Rana Sahib)
  • Munazzah Arif as Shani’s Mother
  • Muhammad Hasan Raza as JD, Shani’s Friend
  • Noor ul Hassan as Lali’s Father
  • Sadia Faisal as Lali
  • Shafqat Khan as Rana’s Neighbor
  • Sonia Nazir as Sonia
  • Saife Hassan as Nazo’s Father
  • Yasir Hussain as Doctor/Sexpert


  • Peela Rung
  • Chal Chalein Kaheen

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