Tax Rates for Tax Year 2023

The Government of Pakistan announced the federal budget for 2022-2023 on June 10, 2022. The new budget introduced various measures. Tax slabs for salaried and business individuals were updated. The maximum tax on Behbood Certificates was reduced from 10% to 5%. Fixed income and sales tax was introduced for small retailers. Advance taxes were also introduced on luxury cars and international transactions.

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Tax Rates for Salaried Individuals

Tax Rates for Business Individuals, AOPs

Capital Gain Tax on Disposal of Securities

Corporate Tax on Banks

Advance Tax on Foreign Payments

Salaried Persons denied Adjustments against Deduction

FBR to disable mobile SIMs on non-filing of tax returns

Pakistan amends tax laws to legalize money transfers

Fixed tax rates for retailers, payable through electricity bills

CGT up to 15% slapped on immovable properties

Tax imposed on deemed income from immovable properties

Pakistan amends tax laws for foreign digital transfers

Budget 2022/2023: Salient features of sales tax

Budget 2022/2023: Salient features of income tax

Federal Budget Highlights

Tax credit on mutual funds has been withdrawn

Tax of 0.25% on Freelancer Income

New Tax is Imposed on the value of Second Property worth 2.5cr

Federal Budget 2022-23: Snapshot of Income and Sales Tax

Capital Gain Tax on Securities & Property

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