Useful Links for Pakistan Tax Matters and Employment Benefits

As a Pakistani citizen, you should have a good enough understanding of the tax matters of Pakistan so that you can ensure compliance with the regulatory framework of Pakistan. New taxes, amendments are introduced by the Government of Pakistan in the Finance Bill as well as on other occasions. Therefore, I have mentioned below useful links for Pakistan tax matters that will keep you updated with the latest changes and amendments. I would suggest that instead of purchasing tax manuals, read from these links to get the most recent and current knowledge of the tax matters. I have tried to mention the original source in most of the below-mentioned links:

1. Income Tax Ordinance, 2001

2. Income Tax Rules, 2002

3. Sales Tax Act, 1990

4. Finance Act

5. SROs/Notifications

6. Orders/Circulars

7. Pubications/Brochures

8. Press Release

9. Iris Login

10. E Fbr Login

11. Fbr Maloomat Tax-Ray

12. Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Act, 1976

13. The Sindh Employees Social Security (Amendment) Act, 2018

14. The Sindh Terms of Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 2015

15. Acts Passed by Sindh Assembly

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