Useful Resources from Pakistani Newspapers – Part 2

My previous blog post on useful resources from newspapers was highly appreciated by my readers. As I have already shared an extensive collection in the earlier post, I am now publishing Part 2 to continue with the previous post. You can read my earlier post here: Useful Resources from Pakistani Newspapers

Most of the sources listed below are from Pakistani newspapers. However, if there is an original source from an international newspaper, I have also included the link.

The world should be prepared for a new epidemic: WHO

Cost Issues may hinder the development of ChatGPT

Oath Taking of Local Body Members in Karachi

Other Companies can also Supply Electricity in Karachi from July

Lease Renewal of Plots in Karachi

Background of Jinnah House

Jazz Company Increases Call Rates

Amendment in Sindh Local Government Act

What is Al-Qadir Trust Case

Digital Account for Freelancers

Proceedings against Dark Web Company

10 Countries with the Highest GDPs

Resilience, helplessness or loss of trust?

Tech Companies reduced their Workforce

The Best Royal PDA Moments

About Justice Cornelius

Schedule of Elections in Punjab

LPG Cylinder Prices Continue to Rise

Minimum Wage Increased in Punjab

Reduction in Merchant Charges by SBP

Recent Columns of Shahid Maitla

Increase in Interest Rates by various Countries

Lahore Qalandars become the first team to successfully defend their HBLPSL title

Agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran

UBS to acquire Credit Suisse

Increase in Karachi Division UCs

The Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

Matric and Inter Exams in Karachi to be Outsourced

Spread of Viruses

All about ChatGPT

Countries with Higher Debt Burdens

Interference in Elections through Technology

Count of Mobile Phone Users

Mini Budget

All about Census

Story of Pervez Musharraf

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